Alexandra Krawiec, PhD, FRSA

Alex was taking her first steps in media as an intern with BBC Manchester and with BBC Radio Scotland in Edinburgh. In 1990's she came to Edinburgh at an invitation from Wiktor Tomaszewski, one of the founders of the Polish Faculty of Medicine at Edinburgh University. As a result of that encounter she had a unique chance to meet, and befriend a few venerable Polish emigrants, among them general Stanislaw Maczek, and professor Leszek Kołakowski - a renowned Polish philosopher from University of Oxford, UK.

Alex was a consultant and a representative for EWTN (Eternal World Television Network) in eastern Europe. She worked for PTV (Polish national TV based in Poznan). While at PTV, in 1994 Alex conducted an interview with the victims of Rwanda genocide. In December 2008, during The United Nations Climate Conference, she had the honour to talk to Al Gore who was giving a lecture to a small audience at tmhe Polish Academy of Science (PAN). The meeting inspired Alexandra to start working on her film Passion for Life, featuring Sir David Attenborough. Alex conducted interviews with many prominent world scientists, among them: James Watson (the co-discoverer of the DNA structure), Peter Doherty (Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1996), Helga Nowotny, Marcus du Sautoy, Brian Green, and others. In 2012 she interviewed Rolf-Dieter Heuer (Director General of CERN) merely a week after the finding of Higgs Boson was announced. In 2013, Alex took part in an international integrated Mars analogue field mission simulation in the northern Sahara. In the same year she wrote a script and directed a documentary about the Project Mars mission. In 2014 Alex directed four films for the European Research Council (ERC), presenting outstanding Polish scientists. Alex is a TEDx speaker, and she has given a number of talks, among them three talks at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and had two of her films screened there.

Alex holds an M.A. in English Philology and a PhD in economics. She is a member of the International Documentary Association (IDA), MIT Women's League, Americans for the Arts Action Fund, and a member of the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF). She is fellow of the RSA (FRSA) and the RSA Polish Connector.

Passion for Life synopsis:

A full-length documentary based on the extensive and unique interview with Sir David Attenborough. It tells the story of Attenborough's life and presents some of his opinions about the world we live in and the problems we face as a globalising society. The supporting theme relates to Charles Darwin and reveals Attenborough's profound admiration for this great English scientist. In the documentary Alex also talks to the BBC journalists, UCL professors and members of the public presenting their opinions alongside her commentary.

Bartek Żytkowiak


Specializing in film editing. He worked as production and editing assistant as well as an independent editor. Bartek studied speech communication and television production at Millersville University of Pennsylvania, USA and at Polish National Film School in Lodz, Poland. Worked as editing and production editor at Sundance Film Festival and Sundance Channel, New York City, USA.

Paweł Rybarczyk

Pawel, a senior cameraman. Known for his passion for film and filming. He was a part of the Polish TV crew filming the war in Iraq for TVP news. During his career he has been shooting documentaries, TV programs and a variety of television series. He has been also involved in the production and postproduction of many music videos for a number of acclaimed Polish bands.

Rafał Jerzak


Rafal, specialises in motion pictures and photography. He graduated from the PWSFT film school in Lodz (Cameraman Department, Film and Television Production) He received best pictures award for the film Tango z Lady M. dir­ec­ted by Emilia Skal­ska. His film Three Miles From Para­dise was shown at the Pol­ish Film Fest­ival in Gdynia (2002).

Miron Broda

mirobrodyMiron, a senior video-editor. He studied acoustics at a department of physics at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Since 1993 he has worked for various directors and producers. In 2008 he worked with Robert Cwiklinki on the documentary„Stefam Norblin”, which won first prize at New York Documentary Festival. Currently he is involved in with TBA Media Productions. In 2010 he edited Passion For Life. Among others, he also editedMy Czterej Pancerni... (2009),Cuba Libre (2008),Ułani Andersa (2007),Stefan Norbli N (2007),Zajarzyć Jarzynę (2006),Pójdź Za Mną. Testament Jana Pawła II (2006),Andrzej Bednarczyk (2005),Moje Życie dla Niego (2004),Watykan Jana Pawła II (2000),Papież Jan Paweł II i Jego Przyjaciel (1999).He is an avid cyclists and sailor who tries hard not to work at the weekends. A happy owner of four ginger cats.

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